Frequently Ask Questions


Q - What is DBOA? (Dallas Basketball Officials Association)

A - Dallas Basketball  Officials Association is the oldest high school officiating organization in the Dallas Area. Currently we have over 300 members in our organization that cover assignments throughout the Dallas Metroplex. Our organization is comprised of men and women who are dedicated to providing quality officiating for UIL Schools.  

DBOA Service Area (Schools/School Districts)

Q - How can I get more information about DBOA.  

A - Please Request Information and a member of the recruiting team will contact you.

Q - How much does it cost?

A -  A $125 annual membership payment is required to join DBOA, this payment is for local chapter dues.  All local member must also be members of the state organization Texas High School Basketball Officials Association(THSBOA), the dues to join the state association are $50. In addition, uniform costs typically include a starter package for approximately $135-$165 that includes a shirt, shoes, pants and whistle. 

Q - How do I get paid?

A - Basketball assignments come directly from DBOA.  However payment for the assignments are made by the respective school districts. Payment is mailed directly to the official by check, usually  payment process takes 15 - 30 days from the time you worked the game until you get your check.

Q - How will I get trained?

A. DBOA conducts all the training for it's members.  DBOA has a comprehensive training program for new officials that includes classroom and on the court instructions. DBOA is a chapter that a member of (THSBOA) and is recognized by the state association and by joining DBOA and attending the training you will be certified to work all UIL assignments. A list of meeting and training dates can be found under Chapter Event Calendar.  

Q - Where are the DBOA meetings held?

A - Meetings are held at Mesquite Poteet High School  3300 Poteet Drive Mesquite, TX 75150. A list of meeting dates can be found under Chapter Event Calendar. 

Q - What is the proper uniform to officiate games for DBOA and where can I get it?

A -  Basketball official uniform consists of the following

  • black shoes
  • Black pants
  • Black socks
  • grey v-neck collarless officials shirt 
  • whistle (fox40)
  • black lanyard

Vendors will attend designated DBOA meetings before the season starts. 

grey_shirt.jpg black_pants.jpg R911.jpg
socks.jpg FOX_40.jpg lanyard.jpg